Du store verden! er en organisasjon som driver transnasjonal kunstproduksjon,
og arbeider for å fremme mangfoldet innenfor kunst- og kulturlivet i Norge.

Tran Luong, the curator of Lim Dim

Tran Luong is one the founders of new art in Vietnam through his role with the notorious Gang of 5 in the 1990s. He is one of Vietnam’s most exciting artists and one of the few stepping forward to front and organize young contemporary artists graduated from the mid 90s onwards. His support and dedication for new media art has increasingly led him to curate, besides continuing his output as an artist.

Tran Luong was born in Hanoi in 1960 and graduated from Hanoi University of FineArts in 1983. Together with four other Vietnamese contemporary artists he was part of defining the loosely knit Gang of 5 concept in 1990, with a goal to build networks of artists working as an alternative to the European oriented curriculum taught at the academy. Five group exhibitions titled after the group, numbered from one to five (Hanoi, HCMCity, Amsterdam/Hanoi, London, Tokyo/Hong Kong), and a great deal of notoriety later, the group was officially disbanded in 1996. For Tran this was a first step only in a deliberate course to maintain a social based network of artists who choose to express themselves by locally non-recognized artistic means as installation, video, performance, computer and sound art.

In 1998 Tran Luong co-founded the Nha San Duc, Hanoi’s leading independent art space. In 2000 he founded the Hanoi Contemporary Art Centre, where he sat as director for two years. This short stop with the national structure came to an end in 2003. Tran left his post in disgust over governmental corruption connected to funding allocated to the Centre from the US Ford Foundation. He has become internationally renowned as a freelance curator through exhibitions like Green, Red&Yellow (Goethe Institut Hanoi 2003), Williamsburg Bridge – Vietnam now (co-,WAH Center, NewYork 2003), Art ConneXions (co-, SE-Asia 2004-6),Water droplets (SUMA, Hanoi 2005), Recovery (HCM City 2006), Ket Noi (co-, Vietnam – Singapore 2008), and Something fell, falling and will be fall (L’Espace, Hanoi 2008).

Tran Luong's participation in exhibitions as an artist counts some 60 group exhibitions and 20 solo exhibitions and performances over 20 years. Of more recent appearances we may list Flowing (solo, Art in General-NewYork NY1999), The 2nd Fukuoka Triennale (Fukuoka 2002), Foods of ground (solo, Cave Gallery, Williamsburg NY2003), Busan Biennale (Busan 2004), Variation for past days (solo, Goethe Institut Hanoi 2004), Mao Khe Project (HKW, Berlin 2005), Flowing (Queensland College of Art, Brisbane 2005), TransPOP Korea Vietnam Remix (Arko Art Center, Seoul&San Francisco 2007), Strategies from within (KE Center, Shanghai 2008), Growing rice in Singapore (solo, Post Museum & Singapore Art Museum, 2008) and the Havana Biennale (Havana 2009).

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