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Intership offer for MESA Assistant

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Application period: from 15th November until 15th December 2010 (deadline)

As part of the ongoing Music Education Southern Africa (MESA) project supported by Barcelona Solidaria, Music Crossroads International, an international development NGO based in Barcelona, Spain, seeks one person to compile research results and develop a standardized music educational plan, primarily for the Music Crossroads Centers in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. For more information on Music Crossroads, please visit www.music-crossroads.net.

We are looking for one postgraduate student in Music Education/Pedagogy (Students doing their final thesis are also encouraged to apply) with good knowledge of African music and the African context, proficient in English with fair knowledge of Spanish and with good analytical and writing skills.

Work assignment:
During three months (January to end-March 2011) the selected person will compile, analyze and systematize the 5 reports about the situation of the music education sector and the music industries done in the 5 African countries, with the objective of developing an educational program in music to train music teachers in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
The development and creation of the curriculum will be done with the help and advise of the experts in the MESA International Steering Committee, and the coordination of the Executive Director and Program Coordinator of Music Crossroads International. The standardized education plan/curriculums for diverse instruments represent the result of the work assignment, and will be further adapted and finalized in each of the 5 countries as part of the MESA Teacher’s Training Program July-Aug 2011.

Time Frames:
Application period: from 15th November until 15th December 2010 (deadline);
selections will be made and announced before 24th December. Send your CV and motivation letter to info@music crossroads.net. For those selected: working period from January to April 2011 in the offices of Music Crossroads International located in Barcelona, Spain

Working conditions:
Volunteer position with part reimbursement for on-site costs.
A collaboration work agreement between Music Crossroads International and the selected person will be signed.

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