Du store verden! er en organisasjon som driver transnasjonal kunstproduksjon,
og arbeider for å fremme mangfoldet innenfor kunst- og kulturlivet i Norge.

International literary festival in Oslo, Norway
Big tent in Spikersuppa / Roald Amundsensgate
18‒20 september 2008

for authors, publishers, editors and translators of
fine arts literature (poetry, novellas, novels, essays etc.)
and audiences of all ages

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‒ The market and the reader
‒ New trends in publishing: the future is now!
‒ Languages: Internationalisation of literature
‒ The importance of literature in a world of conflicts
‒ Gay international literature

In the Norwegian national year of cultural diversity, Du store verden!/DSV is proud to announce its first international literature festival. The main part of the festival will take place in a huge tent in the center of Oslo, and in close proximity to major publishing houses, bookstores, the House of Literature, the National Library etc.

The program includes invited speakers and experts from Norway and the greater world, who will speak and debate on such questions as:

  1. writing and publishing in another language than the mother tongue of the country of residence – challenges for publishers, translators, authors and bookstores, and should everything be translated ... or not?

  2. bilingualism and multilingualism in fine arts literature – history, challenges and benefits to writing and publishing bilingually today

  3. international trends in publishing today, and visions for the future – the influence of electronic publishing on today’s and tomorrow’s world, and how can small presses and independent publishers, bookstores, libraries meet these challenges?
    Young writers / tomorrow’s authors: is there a place for urban dialect and cyber language in today’s literature?

Some of the international speakers include: Dr. Santosh Kumar (India), Albert Russo (Belgium/France/Congo), Fabio Croce (Italy), Pradip Choudhuri (India), Dr. Amitabh Mitra (South Africa), Diane Oatley (Spania/Norge), Elyas Poorgholam (Norge/Iran), Adam Donaldson Powell (Norway/USA) and Erling Kittelsen (Norway).

There will be stands, performances (of literature, music, etc.), lectures, interviews, book promotion and sales, and many possibilities for networking with publishers, bookstore managers, libraries, translators, other authors and the general public.

The project is also cooperating with other organizations who are having literary arrangements in Oslo during the same periode.

Entrance to the festival’s events is free.

Information regarding the festival will be updated on this web site constantly up until the festival is over.

Major supporters and cooperative partners include (among others): Arts Council Norway, the Freedom of Expression Foundation – Oslo, the City of Oslo, the Oslo public library system, literary associations and cultural institutions.

The steering committee of the festival consists of
Adam Donaldson Powell, Kulturbro Forlag (publishing house) and Du store verden!/DSV

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