Du store verden! er en organisasjon som driver transnasjonal kunstproduksjon,
og arbeider for å fremme mangfoldet innenfor kunst- og kulturlivet i Norge.
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Du store verden! / the DSV network / TrAP

Du store verden!/the DSV network changes name to Transnational Arts Production (TrAP) during april 2011.

TrAP is a network of institutions and experts from the field of culture and art organizations. We produce and promote transnational art in Norway, co-ordinate thematic and artistic projects, and provide information and input in the process of cultural policy-making.

We envision a richer and more varied art and cultural sphere that reflects Norway’s cultural diversity.

The TrAP administration

Eli Borchgrevink, director
Eli Borchgrevink was one of the founders of Du store verden!/DSV and has been the managing director since 1997. She has background as a performing artist (classical and contemporary ballet) prior to engaging in international cultural cooperation, organisation and networking. Eli is among others on the steering committee of Platform for Intercultural Europe and is the chair of the board of NKD-Nordic Artist Centre, Dalsåsen and Music and Youth; the Norwegian branch of Jeunesses Musicales Internationales.

Brynjar Bjerkem, head of programming
Brynjar Bjerkem is a cultural anthropologist (hovedfag, University of Oslo 1991) based in Oslo. Since 1992 he has been involved in different initiatives in the presentation and exchange of transnational art and culture. Bjerkem has been with us as head of programming since 1997. He is also member of the board and of the programme committee with the Oslo Films From the South festival.

Vibeke Heide, communications
Vibeke Heide is a norwegian film director, educated at the Norwegian Film School. She also has an academic background, with a Bachelor of Arts focusing on Theatre Studies and Art History.
Vibeke works part-time at the TrAP administration, and is usually available at the office Mondays- Wednesdays.

Contact us at post@trap.no


We are currently working on an english version of our website. For now, you can read about a couple of our more recent projects here:


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